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#6 MOVE PEOPLE with Compassion

No one really wants to think about the fact more than 40,000 Texas children are victims of sexual abuse in a given year, but it's true. Thanks to Joy Rauls and her hardworking team, these children are given a chance at justice with coordinated investigations and healing through groundbreaking therapy. As the leader of the Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas, Joy has guided this public-private partnership to a trusted leadership role that is making a genuine difference. Listen in as she discusses the realities of this vulnerable population and the challenges of having necessarily tough conversations with constituents across Texas and beyond. She truly moves people.

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#5: Move People With the Truth

Susan Combs has been breaking barriers since she was a young girl in San Antonio. During a career spanning a role as an administrative assistant in a Mad-Men-era advertising agency to Comptroller of the State of Texas to founder of an online empowerment community for women, Susan has defied expectations and made a difference. Listen in as she shares her "Maude moment" that put her on a path to leadership and recounts the ingredients of her success. 

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#4: MOVE PEOPLE in Print

As modern digital media continually kicks legacy media to the curb, the obituary for newspapers has been written more times than an English major can count. As newspapers reorganize or close up shop all together, it's counterintuitive to launch a local newspaper, but John Garrett has done just that in cities across Texas. Focusing on local news and genuine community involvement, the brainchild of John and his wife, has become a fixture in cities across the state. Community Impact News is writing a new chapter in the media business, fueled by John's vision and leadership. This conversation lifts the curtain on his method and provides insights on his core beliefs.

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#3: MOVE PEOPLE with a Pinch Gesture

Modern life is full of buzzwords like "the Internet of things" and "the connected home" but the technology behind it can sometimes be confusing or even impersonal. Utz Baldwin is the visionary founder of Plum, a company whose light-control touchpad is revolutionizing the way people control their home's illumination (and a whole lot more.) While there are several companies in that space, Utz and his team are set apart by their passion, their customer focus and their years of experience in the consumer electronics field. His leadership style is amiable and unrelenting, a great combination for bringing a game-changing technology to market.

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Todd Steward has more than 1,000 employees looking to him for leadership, not to mention two daughters and a wide circle of friends. Drawing upon his experience as a team athlete and a survivor of multiple medical problems, he has built a career as a compassionate leader dedicated to leading the charge to deliver exception care to every patient, every day, in a spirit of warmth, friendliness and personal pride. 

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40 Year Decision: One of Joe Moore's Boys

Mike Rosenthal was a stalwart at left tackle for the Irish. Having honed his craft  just a few miles from the Notre Dame campus at perennial Indiana football power Penn High School, Rosenthal became the rare Jewish player at America's most iconic Catholic university. A student of legendary line coach, Joe Moore, Rosenthal carried the discipline instilled in him into a successful NFL career. Now married to a fellow Domer athlete (Lindsay [Treadwell] Rosenthal, '99, a monogram winner for volleyball) and father of four active children, Mike is the head football coach and athletic director at Stephen F. Austin High School in Austin, Texas. He shared his perspectives on the 40 Year Decision in a recent conversation.

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Andrew Barlow kicks off the Move People podcast by interviewing Matt Thompson, speechwriter for Texas Governor Rick Perry. During the course of their conversation, they talk about the importance of story as a way to capture people's attention and motivate them to take action.

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