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#29 MOVE PEOPLE with Strength

John Merandi once competed at the highest level, butting heads with large, angry men as center for the University of Notre Dame. These days he leads clinical operations for a major dental chain and raises sons in the Houston area. Along the way, he's learned a lot about the power of competition and fair play.

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Move People to Connection

Reggie Brooks once scored a touchdown for Notre Dame unconscious, but he lives with his eyes open and his heart attuned to a strong set of core values. Whether you love football or cherish a story of education transforming a young man's life, check out this conversation with Notre Dame legend, Reggie Brooks.

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Brian "Swifty" Peters is applying his engineering degree from Notre Dame to an ancient organic process, creating happiness for people all over Austin as the brewmaster and co-founder of the Austin Beer Garden & Brewing Company.

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40 Year Decision: One of Joe Moore's Boys

Mike Rosenthal was a stalwart at left tackle for the Irish. Having honed his craft  just a few miles from the Notre Dame campus at perennial Indiana football power Penn High School, Rosenthal became the rare Jewish player at America's most iconic Catholic university. A student of legendary line coach, Joe Moore, Rosenthal carried the discipline instilled in him into a successful NFL career. Now married to a fellow Domer athlete (Lindsay [Treadwell] Rosenthal, '99, a monogram winner for volleyball) and father of four active children, Mike is the head football coach and athletic director at Stephen F. Austin High School in Austin, Texas. He shared his perspectives on the 40 Year Decision in a recent conversation.

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