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#38 MOVE PEOPLE from Poverty

Scott Lambie and his wife, Sarah, left a busy Austin existence for life in Uganda where they helped countless children leave the slums by way of the African Children's Choir. Check out his story and consider getting involved. 

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#37 MOVE PEOPLE with Pixie Dust

While elves seem merry enough, it appears that all is not jolly at the North Pole. This episode recounts a conversation with a disgruntled elf in Santa's workshop who took issue with Santa's characterization of their workplace conditions in our Move People Podcast conversation.

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#36 MOVE PEOPLE with Presents

For as long as anyone can remember, Santa Claus has been making Christmas Day special for children the world over. In a sign of this podcasts increasing influence and popularity, we were able to secure a conversation with that jolly old elf himself, Santa Claus. Listen in for his leadership lessons honed over a thousand

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#35 MOVE PEOPLE with Inspiration

Josh Jones-Dilworth has helped numerous well-known companies progress from the idea stage to the marketplace with a mix of insight, enthusiasm and a passion for the truth. His views on technology and its role in humanity's story are well-worth hearing.

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#34 MOVE PEOPLE with Endurance

Ken Milani is an ardent Cubs fan and beloved accounting professor at Notre Dame whose life challenges have strengthened his faith, deepened his wisdom and sharpened his wit. His insights are crucial to anyone dealing with life's tough times. Subscribe to the Move People Podcast at

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Author and CEO Rene Banglesdorf is taking the world of commercial aviation by storm with a mix of smarts, courage and hard work. Share this episode with the people in your life who need a shot of insight, inspiration and encouragement.

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#32 MOVE PEOPLE to World Change

Pastor Brent Phillips doesn't just talk about faith-he lives it out and you can join him in his mission to save AIDS-orphaned, HIV-positive children in Uganda and beyond. His pragmatic optimism about the battle for these children is informative and inspiring. Listen on iTunes and subscribe at

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#31 MOVE PEOPLE to National Defense

Master Chief Bill Houlihan has been serving his country in the U.S. Navy for nearly 30 years, honing his leadership skills and shaping young lives along the way. In this special Veteran's Day episode of the Move People podcast, we find out what it takes to lead through changing times and excel in the cause of national defense.

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Erin Wade's path to ownership of three fresh-fare restaurants has traversed many phases and locations, but her experiences helped shape a visionary leader with a passion for encouraging healthy relationships between people and their food. Check out our conversation with the owner of Vinaigrette on the 30th episode of Move People.

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#29 MOVE PEOPLE with Strength

John Merandi once competed at the highest level, butting heads with large, angry men as center for the University of Notre Dame. These days he leads clinical operations for a major dental chain and raises sons in the Houston area. Along the way, he's learned a lot about the power of competition and fair play.

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#28 MOVE PEOPLE to Authenticity

Tim Hayden is a longtime entrepreneur and leader on the Austin tech scene, leading new developments in the way organizations think and connect with customers. In our conversation, he touches on the challenge of staying people-focused in a tech-centric world.

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#27 MOVE PEOPLE Texas Style

Vince Friedewald has not only created a remarkable Texas lifestyle company in No. 4 St. James, he's also merging the Tiny Home ethos with innovative retail in the form of his Tiny Texas Embassy. Listen in to hear his experience building a powerful brand and making tough choices along the way.

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#26 MOVE PEOPLE to Benefits

Texas is one of America's most veteran-friendly states and Matt Elledge is working to make it friendlier as the head of the Texas Veterans Land Board. He is on a mission to let veterans know the remarkable array of resources available to them and won't stop working until the job is done. Listen in as we discuss leadership in combat, the workplace and life.

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Move People to Connection

Reggie Brooks once scored a touchdown for Notre Dame unconscious, but he lives with his eyes open and his heart attuned to a strong set of core values. Whether you love football or cherish a story of education transforming a young man's life, check out this conversation with Notre Dame legend, Reggie Brooks.

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Phil Wilson has led some of the state's most vital infrastructure organizations, whipped cancer and stayed true to his faith. Along the way, his collaborative leadership style, plainspoken manner and sensible conservatism has left an indelible mark on Texas. Subscribe to the Move People Podcast ( to hear his story.

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MOVE PEOPLE with Customer Service

Steve Simmons is a classic Austin, Texas entrepreneur: innovative, driven and unerringly direct in his way of speaking. With his wife, Amy, he has built a series of world-class brands including Amy's Ice Cream, Phil's Icehouse and Honey's Pizza by focusing relentlessly on customer customer service. Check out his interview on the Move People Podcast ( for his take on empowering people, maintaining high standards and fighting city hall.

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MOVE PEOPLE with Energy

Born into a legendary Texas political family, Christi Craddick has cut her own path to leadership at the agency that regulates what maybe Texas' most iconic products: oil & gas. As a member of the Texas Railroad Commission, she applies a lifetime of learning to an industry that means jobs, commerce and freedom for millions of Americans. Check out our conversation with her on the Move People Podcast,

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#21 MOVE PEOPLE with Spirits

Plucked from obscurity for mentorship by a legend of the spirits industry, Jeff Peace learned the liquor business from the master. He applies those lessons daily as the owner of the Bone Spirits Distillery in Smithville, TX. Listen in as he shares an insider's account of how the "spirit world" really works.

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#20 MOVE PEOPLE A Little Faster

For some Austinites, Steve Adler came out of nowhere when he ran for mayor in 2014. Since taking office in 2015, he has worked with a city council transitioning to single-member districts as it tackled the challenges that accompany prevailing popularity and a growing population. Hear his life story and vision for the Live Music Capitol of the World on the Move People Podcast.

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#19 MOVE PEOPLE to Conservatism

From the plains of West Texas to the Reagan White House to the Texas capitol, Peggy Venable has been a conservative voice of reason, leading the charge for smaller, more effective government. Oh, and she blew the lid off the Chicken Ranch in La Grange, TX. Hear her story on this week's MOVE PEOPLE Podcast.

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#18 MOVE PEOPLE to Excellence

Jennifer Stevens is not only driven to excel, she takes people with her on the journey toward excellence. Possessed of a laser-focus on the things that matter, she is at home in the halls of the Texas capitol or raising millions for charity. Enjoy our interview with her on this week's Move People Podcast.

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Brian "Swifty" Peters is applying his engineering degree from Notre Dame to an ancient organic process, creating happiness for people all over Austin as the brewmaster and co-founder of the Austin Beer Garden & Brewing Company.

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#16 MOVE PEOPLE with Music

Tom Gimbel grew up in the Northeast watching Austin City Limits, not knowing that, someday, he'd be running the show (literally.) As General Manager of Austin's quintessential cultural expression, Gimbel has the chance to lead creative people as he guides the show across an evolving digital landscape. He truly understands the power of music to move people.

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#15 Move People in Collaboration

After growing up in the hospitality industry & playing major college football, Brian Schoenbaum has worked hard to be a truly collaborative leader. The result is a series of co-working sites (Impact Hubs) where entrepreneurs get the space, inspiration and community they need to innovate and build business. Check out his conversation on the Move People Podcast here:

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#14 MOVE PEOPLE with Passion

As the creator of fast-rising Austin restaurant, The Peached Tortilla, Eric Silverstein is known as an incredible chef, but his success is driven by a laser focus, innate leadership abilities and a burning passion to succeed. He is truly a remarkable example of a new generation of leaders who are succeeding in the new economy with smarts, style and drive.

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#13 MOVE PEOPLE By Example

Raised on the mean streets of Chicago's South Side, Ray Heilmann pursued a career in education, starting as an English teacher, shaping lives as a freshman football coach, then serving as principal of a Catholic high school for 30+ years. Now known as the Director of Campus Ministry at Quincy University, Ray has a great perspective on what really matters in life.

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#12 MOVE PEOPLE to Engagement

As the media business evolves, dinosaurs die and innovators thrive. Evan Smith is one of the latter, having helped found the Texas Tribune, a groundbreaking non-profit media organization focused on Texas politics and their collective ripple effect. In this episode of the Move People podcast, Evan talks about his passion for dialogue, debate and truth in the realm of politics and government. 

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#11 MOVE PEOPLE with Stories

Since Gary Goldhammer's life was changed by a brush with death in his 20s, he has devoted his life to mastering the power of authentic personal story, guiding leaders to genuine engagement. If you're interested in the idea of a life with deep meaning, listen in on this conversation with a thought leader at Hill & Knowlton to get his take on what really matters and, more importantly, what REALLY moves people.

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#10 MOVE PEOPLE Across Cultures

Larry Smith is a uniquely gifted leader, able to bridge cultures, generations and disciplines as president of Tokyo Electron America. In this conversation, we hear about Larry's upbringing as the son of a WWII Marine, his own career as a graduate of West Point and his open-minded leadership philosophies. He proves that a big brain and a big heart can coexist in the same person. 

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#9 MOVE PEOPLE Into Community

Alan Graham is the bearded, plain-spoken patron of the homeless in Austin, Texas who is leading a growing legion of people to see their destitute neighbors through a different lens. From the creation of a food truck ministry to the innovative Community First! Village, Alan says "yes" first then follows God's leading to success.

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#8 Move People with Words

Head of the Professional Speechwriters Association, David Murray is an advocate for quality prose. He has spent years helping leaders refine their message and deliver it with conviction. Now he devotes his time to mentoring speechwriters and advocating for the profession. (Recorded on location at 5411 Empanadas on Division Street in Chicago.)

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Born the son of tenant farmers, Rick Perry kept it simple as he ascended to governorship of America's second largest state. By focusing on the essentials and empowering his team to innovate, he led Texas to the top of America's economic ladder where it remains today. In this episode, he discusses the call to serve and the value of struggle in shaping character

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#6 MOVE PEOPLE with Compassion

No one really wants to think about the fact more than 40,000 Texas children are victims of sexual abuse in a given year, but it's true. Thanks to Joy Rauls and her hardworking team, these children are given a chance at justice with coordinated investigations and healing through groundbreaking therapy. As the leader of the Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas, Joy has guided this public-private partnership to a trusted leadership role that is making a genuine difference. Listen in as she discusses the realities of this vulnerable population and the challenges of having necessarily tough conversations with constituents across Texas and beyond. She truly moves people.

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#5: Move People With the Truth

Susan Combs has been breaking barriers since she was a young girl in San Antonio. During a career spanning a role as an administrative assistant in a Mad-Men-era advertising agency to Comptroller of the State of Texas to founder of an online empowerment community for women, Susan has defied expectations and made a difference. Listen in as she shares her "Maude moment" that put her on a path to leadership and recounts the ingredients of her success. 

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#4: MOVE PEOPLE in Print

As modern digital media continually kicks legacy media to the curb, the obituary for newspapers has been written more times than an English major can count. As newspapers reorganize or close up shop all together, it's counterintuitive to launch a local newspaper, but John Garrett has done just that in cities across Texas. Focusing on local news and genuine community involvement, the brainchild of John and his wife, has become a fixture in cities across the state. Community Impact News is writing a new chapter in the media business, fueled by John's vision and leadership. This conversation lifts the curtain on his method and provides insights on his core beliefs.

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#3: MOVE PEOPLE with a Pinch Gesture

Modern life is full of buzzwords like "the Internet of things" and "the connected home" but the technology behind it can sometimes be confusing or even impersonal. Utz Baldwin is the visionary founder of Plum, a company whose light-control touchpad is revolutionizing the way people control their home's illumination (and a whole lot more.) While there are several companies in that space, Utz and his team are set apart by their passion, their customer focus and their years of experience in the consumer electronics field. His leadership style is amiable and unrelenting, a great combination for bringing a game-changing technology to market.

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Todd Steward has more than 1,000 employees looking to him for leadership, not to mention two daughters and a wide circle of friends. Drawing upon his experience as a team athlete and a survivor of multiple medical problems, he has built a career as a compassionate leader dedicated to leading the charge to deliver exception care to every patient, every day, in a spirit of warmth, friendliness and personal pride. 

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40 Year Decision: One of Joe Moore's Boys

Mike Rosenthal was a stalwart at left tackle for the Irish. Having honed his craft  just a few miles from the Notre Dame campus at perennial Indiana football power Penn High School, Rosenthal became the rare Jewish player at America's most iconic Catholic university. A student of legendary line coach, Joe Moore, Rosenthal carried the discipline instilled in him into a successful NFL career. Now married to a fellow Domer athlete (Lindsay [Treadwell] Rosenthal, '99, a monogram winner for volleyball) and father of four active children, Mike is the head football coach and athletic director at Stephen F. Austin High School in Austin, Texas. He shared his perspectives on the 40 Year Decision in a recent conversation.

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