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As the City of Austin continues its rapid growth, the challenge of affordability will shape its future character and determine the fate of its middle class. Fortunately, Ellen Troxclair is fighting for fiscal restraint on behalf of her constituents in District 8 and overburdened taxpayers across the city. Check out our conversation about her adjustment to the Council culture and successes she's had along the way.

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As Americans engage in their annual Christmas shopping splurge, Jaclyn Dowdle wants you to know that there is a better way to spend your money, and make a difference in the world. Check out our conversation with the founder of

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Kristi Schiller is on a mission to make safer communities and schools by leveraging the unique skills of man's best friend. As the founder of K9s4Cops & K9s4Kids, she is helping generous people equip law enforcement agencies with highly trained canines. (And that's only her LATEST remarkable endeavor...)

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As our world grows increasingly divided along countless lines, ranging from ethnic and nationalist to denomination and party, Adrian Farrell will tell you that our success as a species depends on our ability to have those simple conversations that reveal our shared values & priorities. That mindset has served him well as Ireland's Consul General to Texas and the Southwest.

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As the Nutrition Director for the Austin Independent School District, Anneliese Tanner isn't just feeding some 83,000 students per day on a tight budget, she's teaching them about community, sustainability and life. Hear her passion for overcoming food scarcity and fueling success for Austin youth then learn how you can help.

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As CEO of the Austin Technology Council, Barbary Brunner spends her days singing the praises of Austin as a place to locate a company while she coaches tech leaders to deepen their commitment for the long haul. Check out her journey to this leadership role and her vision for the city's future. 

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Julie Schell is a well-known figure in boardrooms around the world, where she coaches top executives on how to create organizations that work together with clarity, authenticity and focus. Listen to our conversation with her and you might just get some clarity for your own life. 

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Marsha Milam has spent her life defying convention and creating authentically Texan experiences for people, from concerts and film festivals to, now, award-winning whiskey. The bottle with her family name on it tells a story of fierce independence and a relentless pursuit of something just a little better. 

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The University of Texas made news when they lured design guru Doreen Lorenzo from her business career into the classroom, where she has since been building bridges between departments and preparing students to be thought leaders in their jobs, communities and families. 

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When big, bad things happen to major organizations around the world, they call one guy: Jeff Hunt. He handles nuclear meltdowns (both the literal and figurative kind) with a methodical approach and no-nonsense style that helps organizations stop the bleeding and restore their reputations.

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As the Texas Legislature heeds the governor's call and heads into a special session, denizens of the capitol are bracing themselves for 30 days of intrigue. Political mover & shaker David White joined us to discuss what Texans can expect from their leaders in Austin and gives a spirited defense of the lobbying arts.

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Sara Ramirez never imagined she'd be leading an organization dedicated to eradicating poverty in Central Texas, but her passion for the poor is changing lives one bottle of formula, one class at a time. Check out our conversation with the Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Central Texas.

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Toby Nunn was born in Canada, but he distinguished himself as a proud member of the U.S. Army. In this special Independence Day episode of the Move People Podcast, Toby discusses what he learned about freedom in the course of securing and defending it for people half a world away.

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Sarah Evans wades through complex issues to deliver the most elemental of resources to Third World communities. Through Well Aware, she is helping communities not only survive, but succeed through the delivery of water solutions.

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Baker Harrell had a turning point moment as an 11-year-old boy that changed his life and is now causing life change in homes, communities and organizations all across Texas. Check out our conversation with the founder & CEO of It's Time Texas.

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Daron Roberts' bio reads like an inexperienced screenwriter's attempt to create a character sketch for a superhero, but it is no fiction. He is driven to succeed and lift others up along the way. Raised in Mt. Pleasant, TX, educated at UT & Harvard, employed 7 years by the NFL and now leading the Center for Sports Leadership & Innovation at UT, he knows a thing or two about focus, motivation and persistence.

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Dan Garrison once made his living selling software, but now he brightens the lives of others by making and selling what is arguably the finest bourbon whiskey in Texas. Listen in for his take on the absurdity of Texas liquor laws, the challenges of building a company and the joy of sharing good whiskey.

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While the name Habitat for Humanity brings to mind images of Jimmy Carter swinging a hammer in shirtsleeves, Austin's Phyllis Snodgrass is leading one of the most innovative and effective Habitat branches in the country, transforming families through the experience of home ownership. 

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Raised in El Paso by hardworking parents, Ina Minjarez found an avenue to success that led through Notre Dame and law practice then into the Texas House of Representatives. Listen in to learn about her family's emphasis on education and her passion to help Texans defy their limits.

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Caroline Boudreaux supposedly had it all until she encountered children who had nothing. Listen in to hear how she is working to change the lives of orphans around the world and how you can, too.

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Son of a teacher and social worker, Sailpoint CEO Mark McClain is applying his unique people skills to building a remarkable company with an enthusiastic workforce.

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Carter Smith grew up with one foot in the city and the other on a ranch, and he's living his dream protecting something Texans truly cherish: the land and the creatures that roam it.

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Alan Berg has progressed from award-winning TV reporter to festival-riveting filmmaker, telling moving stories all along the way. From chronicling the rise of George W. Bush to collaborating with Richard Linklater, Alan has kept the story front & center.

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#41 MOVE PEOPLE with Numbers

Glenn Hegar is a farm-raised public servant and small government conservative committed to staying in his lane as "CFO" to Texas' multibillion dollar economy. 

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MOVE PEOPLE with the Truth

Chris Tomlinson is the writer's writer, with decades of experience as a war correspondent that revealed human nature at its worst. His insights on truth, freedom and hope are not to be missed.

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#39 MOVE PEOPLE with Coaching

Paul Carrozza is known by some as the man who brought running to Austin, TX. During his career as a runner, entrepreneur and coach, he has helped people of every shape, size and color move beyond exercise to athleticism. He is an Austin icon.

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