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October 2017
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#27 MOVE PEOPLE Texas Style

Vince Friedewald has not only created a remarkable Texas lifestyle company in No. 4 St. James, he's also merging the Tiny Home ethos with innovative retail in the form of his Tiny Texas Embassy. Listen in to hear his experience building a powerful brand and making tough choices along the way.

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#26 MOVE PEOPLE to Benefits

Texas is one of America's most veteran-friendly states and Matt Elledge is working to make it friendlier as the head of the Texas Veterans Land Board. He is on a mission to let veterans know the remarkable array of resources available to them and won't stop working until the job is done. Listen in as we discuss leadership in combat, the workplace and life.

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Phil Wilson has led some of the state's most vital infrastructure organizations, whipped cancer and stayed true to his faith. Along the way, his collaborative leadership style, plainspoken manner and sensible conservatism has left an indelible mark on Texas. Subscribe to the Move People Podcast ( to hear his story.

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MOVE PEOPLE with Customer Service

Steve Simmons is a classic Austin, Texas entrepreneur: innovative, driven and unerringly direct in his way of speaking. With his wife, Amy, he has built a series of world-class brands including Amy's Ice Cream, Phil's Icehouse and Honey's Pizza by focusing relentlessly on customer customer service. Check out his interview on the Move People Podcast ( for his take on empowering people, maintaining high standards and fighting city hall.

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MOVE PEOPLE with Energy

Born into a legendary Texas political family, Christi Craddick has cut her own path to leadership at the agency that regulates what maybe Texas' most iconic products: oil & gas. As a member of the Texas Railroad Commission, she applies a lifetime of learning to an industry that means jobs, commerce and freedom for millions of Americans. Check out our conversation with her on the Move People Podcast,

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#21 MOVE PEOPLE with Spirits

Plucked from obscurity for mentorship by a legend of the spirits industry, Jeff Peace learned the liquor business from the master. He applies those lessons daily as the owner of the Bone Spirits Distillery in Smithville, TX. Listen in as he shares an insider's account of how the "spirit world" really works.

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#20 MOVE PEOPLE A Little Faster

For some Austinites, Steve Adler came out of nowhere when he ran for mayor in 2014. Since taking office in 2015, he has worked with a city council transitioning to single-member districts as it tackled the challenges that accompany prevailing popularity and a growing population. Hear his life story and vision for the Live Music Capitol of the World on the Move People Podcast.

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#19 MOVE PEOPLE to Conservatism

From the plains of West Texas to the Reagan White House to the Texas capitol, Peggy Venable has been a conservative voice of reason, leading the charge for smaller, more effective government. Oh, and she blew the lid off the Chicken Ranch in La Grange, TX. Hear her story on this week's MOVE PEOPLE Podcast.

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#18 MOVE PEOPLE to Excellence

Jennifer Stevens is not only driven to excel, she takes people with her on the journey toward excellence. Possessed of a laser-focus on the things that matter, she is at home in the halls of the Texas capitol or raising millions for charity. Enjoy our interview with her on this week's Move People Podcast.

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#16 MOVE PEOPLE with Music

Tom Gimbel grew up in the Northeast watching Austin City Limits, not knowing that, someday, he'd be running the show (literally.) As General Manager of Austin's quintessential cultural expression, Gimbel has the chance to lead creative people as he guides the show across an evolving digital landscape. He truly understands the power of music to move people.

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